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Biscuit Lover Mug


Hot or Cold Coffee mug

Finally, this simple cool clever mug automatically indicates its current state of mind when you pour a hot beverage into it.


In its dormant state, the mug offers a black “OFF” display, but once your hot coffee or tea hits the inside, it gradually transforms to read “ON”. A heat sensitive pigment changes the colour of the mug from black to white.


Food art, not to be confused with the culinary arts, requires the use of food as the main component of an artistic creation. Over the years, this unique form of expression has proven an ever-expanding enterprise, incorporating candy, vegetables and fruits in various colors, shapes and sizes. Including everything from Larry King’s likeness done with Jelly Belly beans to a recreation of Van Gogh’s self-portrait using leeks, the artwork below is sure to whet your appetite—for art, dinner or maybe even both.

Lotus Leaf
Rendered in canned goods


The structure above, created in 2005 by Platt Byard Dovell White Architects LLP, is made from 5,000 cans of sliced bamboo shoots and stuffed vine leaves. It’s one of several works to come out of Canstruction—a trademark charity event and design/build competition under the auspices of the Society for Design Administration. The challenge? To build large structures made of unopened food cans, which are later donated to city-registered food banks.
President Barack Obama
Rendered in cereal


This mosaic of President Barack Obama, created by Hank Willis Thomas and Ryan Alexiev of, showcases a slew of sugary cereals including Honeycomb, Life and Froot Loops. The company, which is inspired by 3D visual art and consumer culture, wanted to make a commentary about the president’s iconic and commercial appeal, much in line with Thomas’ other work, which typically deals with the complex issues of race, identity, class and history in the age of consumerism.

Rendered in bread and cheese


Created by London-based photographer Carl Warner, this food-scape is one of many images in a series that features foodie creations, such as pea pod boats, strawberry hot air balloons, salmon seas and Parmesan cliffs. Once designed, the setting is photographed and touched up to create original photographic works of art. In the picture above, loaves of bread were used to depict mountains among a cove of sliced-bread cobblestones and cheese boulders.

“Gold Marilyn Monroe”
Rendered in Nestlé Smarties


This candy-filled creation, replicating one of Andy Warhol’s most famous silkscreen paintings, is made with a sugar-coated chocolate candy that is primarily sold throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. The work, created by photo artist Prudence Emma Staite of, was part of the Smartie Art Exhibition at the V&A Museum of Childhood in London. The exhibit marked the relaunch of the blue Smartie, which was used for Monroe’s eyeshadow in this work of art.

“Mona Lisa”
Rendered in chocolate



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