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Biscuit Lover Mug


Hot or Cold Coffee mug

Finally, this simple cool clever mug automatically indicates its current state of mind when you pour a hot beverage into it.


In its dormant state, the mug offers a black “OFF” display, but once your hot coffee or tea hits the inside, it gradually transforms to read “ON”. A heat sensitive pigment changes the colour of the mug from black to white.


The main differences between espresso coffee and drip coffee are the fineness of the grind and the brewing time. The brewing time for espresso coffee is much shorter, made possible by espresso machines that generate up to 15 atmospheres (ATM) of pressure to force the water through the coffee.

A shot of espresso is made by forcing about 1.5 ounces of nearly boiling water through tightly packed, finely ground espresso coffee. If everything goes well, what comes out is a dark brown, slightly thick liquid with a small amount of crema (a foam, sort of like the head on a beer) on top.

There are many variables in the process of making a shot of espresso. The temperature of the water, the pressure of the water, the fineness of the ground coffee and how tightly the coffee is packed are just a few.

Espresso coffee is a blend of several different types of coffee beans from different countries. The beans are roasted until they are dark and oily-looking.


The beans are ground very finely — much finer than for drip coffee. The consistency is almost like powdered sugar. The more finely the coffee is ground, the slower the espresso comes out. Generally, for the best shot of espresso, it should take about 25 seconds for the water to pass through the coffee. Sometimes, the consistency of the grind is adjusted to control the brewing time.

Drip coffee is made by dripping boiling water over ground coffee, which is ground more coarsely than espresso coffee. The water filters through the coffee and falls into a pot. This process is slower than the espresso process, and hot water is in contact with the ground coffee for much longer. Surprisingly, a cup of drip coffee has more caffeine than a shot of espresso.

Coffee used to be maligned as stress-inducing and spiking blood pressure. However, recent studies have hailed coffee as a good source of anti-oxidants. It boosts mood, memory, and focus; for most regular coffee drinkers there is no hike in blood pressure. Some researchers claim that coffee drinkers are less likely to get gallstones, Parkinson’s, type 2 diabetes and colon cancer. Coffee is a social thing and can mellow you out by generating positivism- a great de-stressor.

You don’t need to read tea leaves to figure out who you are. There are coffee personalities; many of us don’t know who we are or what we want out of life. The coffee we like can provide a much-needed clue. The body doesn’t lie while the mind can rationalize anything.

According to Alan Hirsch, MD the Director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, “Today the type of coffee someone prefers really makes a social statement. With so many choices, it’s like we now have a coffee Rorschach test to gain insight into an individual’s personality.”

Since I am a people watcher who loves to drink coffee in cafes and specialty coffee shops, in addition to running stress management workshops where I listen attentively, I have conducted my own research. Here is what I have found based on my personal observation:

* Black coffee – This is for the ambitious, focused and goal-driven person who needs to get the job done.

* Cappuccino – This is for the aesthetic, witty and classy drinker.

* Steamed Latte – This is for the nurturer and often drunk by moms.

* Espresso – This is for the ultimate coffee drinker using a special cup conveying sophisticated power. Drinking espresso is a sensory experience and often follows a special meal.

* Iced coffee– This is for the laid back, spontaneous and flirty person.

* Frappachino – This is for an ice-cream lover who pretends to drink coffee – adventurous, flouts authority and is ready to enjoy.


Coffee Art

Coffee Art

Brazil is the worlds leading producer of Coffee in the world (apart from churning out some of the most beautiful girls in the World.. ;)). India Ranks 7th amongst the top 10 producers.

Top ten green coffee producers — Tonnes (2008) and Bags thousands (2007)
Country Tonnes (1) Bags (2) Footnote
Brazil 17,000,000 36,070
Vietnam 15,580,000 18,000 *
Colombia 9,400,000 12,400 F
Indonesia 2,770,554 6,446 *
Ethiopia 1,705,446 5,733 *
Mexico 962,000 4,500 F
India 954,000 4,367 F
Peru 677,000 4,250 est. 2008
Guatemala 568,000 4,000 F
Honduras 370,000 3,833 F
World 7,742,675 118,920 A
No symbol = official figure, P = official figure, F = FAO estimate, * = Unofficial/semiofficial/mirror data, C = calculated figure, A = aggregate (may include official, semiofficial, or estimates)
Source (1): Food and Agricultural Organization of United Nations: Economic and Social Department: The Statistical Devision Source (2):International Coffee Organization

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