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Pass on a free “virtual kiss” for this! Find me on FaceBook!

1For ages we have been using FaceBook apps for god knows what all! From guessing the “the first alphabet from you future husband’s name” to playing a mafia in “Mafia Wars”, the apps have come off age. In fact they have proved to be a very good marketing tool for several websites like digg, twitter, lookbook etc etc to name a few.

BurgerKing has taken a hilarious one step forward, it urges you to delete 10 friends from your FaceBook account and win a free “BURGER”.

And the best part is still to come, the app is visible on your profile and posts the name of that “one friend” you have deleted to win a free “BURGER”.

Go searching for “whopper sacrifice”! Only a limited time offer! eheheh!


1This is a big question to chew on — a matter of violating one of the greatest taboos vs. your acutely honed survival instinct. But there may be some other factors you’ve never considered, and we discuss below.

2Reasons a human hamburger could be tasty goodness.
* In 1931, New York Times reporter and occultist William Buehler Seabrook obtained a hunk of human meat from a hospital intern and cooked it up. He reported it was like “fully developed veal … mild good meat.”

* Cannibalism promotes a green lifestyle — that dead guy over there is the ultimate in sustainable food. What, do you hate the environment or something? Jerk.

* Being forced to chow down on people would permanently cure most picky eaters of their aversion to things like sea urchin, snails and blood pudding.

Reasons to hold off as long as possible before tasting the flesh of your own kind.
* Cannibalism trumps all other achievements and inevitably becomes the most interesting thing about a person. Even if a cannibal went on to do something more unique, like cure cancer, the story would still read “and cancer was cured by Dr. So-and-so, noted cannibal.”

* Since human flesh would be the first sustenance the situational cannibal had had in some time, it is likely he’d come away with an intense taste for it. Years later, when the one-time cannibal’s stomach growled at night, he’d sneak over to the computer and start searching German S&M chat rooms in hopes of finding someone who would allow him to eat a chunk of their rump or thigh.

* Ironically, intra-species munching always carries a risk of catching a flesh-eating virus.

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