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I may not be a Hindu but no body has the rights (even Burger King) to disrespect any religion or its beliefs!

An ad comprising of  “goddess Lakshmi” featured in Spain comes with a tag line, “a snack that’s sacred”!

Actions please!!


A signboard at a Madhya Pradesh station in India very nicely guides you not to befriend your food! Comments please…!

2095521112_af467e44a4 LOL!!!

Now I know how the British folks decode the Indian cooking! But then looking at the picture, how would a dumb blonde know, which ones for which one? I mean which one is really hot??

Folks you need more research!!


3Indian defence scientists are planning to put one of the world’s hottest chilli powders into hand grenades.

They say the devices will be used to control rioters and in counter-insurgency operations.

Researchers say the idea is to replace explosives in small hand grenades with a certain variety of red chilli to immobilise people without killing them.

2The chilli, known as Bhut Jolokia, is said to be 1,000 times hotter than commonly used kitchen chilli.

Scientists at India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) are quoted as saying the potent chilli will be used as a food additive for troops operating in cold conditions.

And the powder will also be spread on the fences around army barracks in the hope the strong smell will keep out animals.

Other forms of pepper spray are commonly used for crowd control in many parts of the world.

People, this could be the easiest food guide I can provide you on India.

Though I am a dilliwalah from heart and birth, but I have been to places. Here’s a list of my personal favorites:

Dont delete_India FoodDelhi – Tandoori Chicken and CholeBhature.

Haryana – Cholia and Lassi.

UP – Kebabs and Biryani.

Jharkhand – Marua ka Roti.

Bihar – Litti, Sattu and Tilkut.

West Bengal – Mishti Doi, Rosogulla and all the fish they can serve.

Rajasthan – Daal Batti and Pyaaz ki Kachori.

Gujarat – Only Dhoklas will do….yumm!

Maharashtra – Modak, Vada Pao and Shrikhand. Add Dahi Vada too.

Goa – Fenny 🙂 , and all the fish and prawns.

Andhra Pradesh – Hydrabadi Biryani.

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