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Lyrics in English:

For a good start
of my little day
and in order to wake up
i have a coffee.

An arabica,
black and very strong,
i pull on my parka
and that’s it, i’m good to go.

Where are you going?
says my beloved one,
let’s have a kawa,
i just woke up.

Being ahead
and a bit pressed,
i change direction
and take another coffee.

At 15 to 8
we have to admit
the offices are empty
one can get bored.

But i stay calm,
I know to adapt,
before they all arrive
i have time for a coffee.

The day carries on
everybody can work away
till the time
of the coffee break.

My secretary comes in,
“strong, as u like it”!
Damn, i just took one,
but since this one is done…

A business lunch
near the path
it’s a great weather,
but i feel stressed

My colleagues mock me,
Relax, Rene,
take a good cigar
and a little coffee!

Once done,
my knocked-out colleagues
call a cab,
but i feel like jumping

I go through all Paris
and I see a bar
I order a decaf,
but caffeined again.

I arrive at the office,
my secretary says,
U were a bit late
so i got worried.

Oh, I throw her out the window,
she really looked for it!
Anyway, I have to go back home
but before that – coffee!

Waiting for the subway
I get attacked:
an old lady asks me,
what time is it, please?

Hey! I broke her head
and throw her onto the quay
I withdraw to my home
and serve myself a… guess what!

Daddy, oh my daddy,
I’m first in my class,
What the fuck!
Stop pissing me off!
He’s very idiot, this kid,
and he’s blubbering!
I lock myself in the kitchen,
there’s a bit of coffee left!

It’s been some days since i’ve locked myself in,
I’m alone in my kitchen and i drink coffee!
I should rather sleep,
The cops will get me,
So i nail the doors locked
and drink more coffee.

I guess this caffeine curve also goes well with the whole idea!


Enjoy your coffe day!

So you have an adventurous spirit when it comes to food and you especially have an interest in trying out cuisines from other countries; however, there are those times when you walk into a restaurant, sit down and read menu that literally is in a foreign language. Yikes, what do you do? Well, the first thing that usually helps is to do a little bit of research beforehand so that you don’t go in blind. Remember. The Internet is your friend, but then so am I. Today, you’re getting a jump start on Italian Cuisine because below, I’ll be giving you a list of some common dishes and ingredients you may find on a Italian restaurant menu. So are you ready to increase your foodie vocabulary?

Abbacchio: lamb     Aceto balsamic: Balsamic vinegar      Acuqua: water Affettati: sliced meats

Affumicato: smoked          Aglio: garlic                                      Al Forno: oven baked

Alici: anchovies              Amoretto: almond liquor                   Anatra: duck

Anice: anise                     Anisette: aniseed liquor                    Antipasto: appetizer course

Aragosta: rock lobster Arista: duck                                           Arrosto: roasted

Asparagi: asparagus      Baccala: salt cod                                  Basilico: basil

Bel Paese: mild cheese  Bictola: swiss chard                            Biscotti: cookies

Bistecca: steak                  Bocconcini: small mozzarella balls          Bollito: boiled

Bolognese: meat sauce   Braciola: chops                                         Brasato: braised beef

Brodetto: fish soup           Brodo: broth                                           Bruschetta: bread topped with garlic, tomato and onion Bufalo: water buffalo       Burro: butter                                           Cacciatore: hunters style

Caffe: espresso                  Calimari: squid                                        Caldo: hot

Canestrelli: scallops        Cannellini: white bean                         Capperi: capers

Caprese Insalata: mozzarella, tomato and basil salad             Capriolo: venison

Carbonara: cream and ham sauce                                                   Carciofini: artichoke hearts

Cardi: cardoons                Carne: meat                                              Carpaccio: raw beef sliced thin

Cavolo: cabbage               Cavolfiori: cauliflower                         Cetrioli: cucumber

Ciambotta: vegetable stew                                                                 Cipolle: onions

Coda alla Vaccinara: oxtail          Coniglio: rabbit                      Costoletta: cutlets

Cotto: cooked                                    Cozze: mussels                        Crostini: toasted bread

Crudo: raw                                         Cucina: kitchen                       Diavola: spicy sauce

Dindo: turkey                                   Dolce: dessert                          Fagiano: pheasant

Fagioli: beans                                   Farcito: stuffed                        Fegato: liver

Filanti: soft cheese                         Filetto: tenderloin                 Finocchio: fennel

Foccaccia: flat bread                     Formaggio: cheese                Forno: oven

Freddo: cold                                    Fritto: deep fried                     Frutti de Mare: shellfish

Funghi: mushrooms                     Gamberetti: shrimps             Gorgonzola: blue cheese

Grana Padano: hard white cheese                                                 Granchio: crab

Griglia: grilled                                 Impanato: breaded               Indiviola: endive

Insalata: salad                                 Lardo: fat                                  Latte Fritto: fried custard

Lauro: bay leaf                                Lenticchie: lentils                 Lesso: boiled

Lemoncello: lemon liquor         Lemone: Lemon                     Lupo di Mare: lobster

Maccarello: macherel                  Maiale: pork                            Mais: corn

Manzo: beef                                      Marinara: plain sauce         Marsela: sweet wine

Marscpone: cream cheese         Melanzane: eggplant            Minestrone: vegetable soup

Mortadella: pork sausage           Moscato: nutmeg                  Mozzarella: rubbery soft cheese

Nodini: veal chops                        Osso Bucco: braised veal shanks     Ostriche: oysters

Pancetta: bacon                             Panna: cream                           Parmesan: hard cheese from

Parma Pecorino: hard sharp cheese                                            Peoci: mussels

Pepe Verdi: green peppercorns                                                     Pepe: pepper

Pesce: fish                                         Pesto: basil, pine nuts, cheese and garlic           Piselli: peas

Polenta: corn meal                        Polipi: octopus                                                              Pollo: chicken

Pomidori: tomato                          Porchetta: suckling pig                                              Porcini: mushrooms

Prezzemolo: parsley                     Prosciutto: cured ham                                               Provola: soft cheese

Provolone: sharp cheese            Ricotta: creamy whey cheese                                 Risotto: rice dish

Robiola: creamy white cheese Rosmarino: rosemary                                                Salami: cured sausage

Sale: salt                                            Salsicce: sausage                                                          Saltimbocca: veal with ham and sage

Salvia: sage                                      Sambucca: anise flavored liquor                           Sardi: sardines

Scaloppine: thin slice of meat  Scologna: shallots                                                       Soppressa: dry sausage

Spigoli: sea bass                             Spinaci: spinach                                                          Stracchino: goats milk cheese

Stracciatella: chicken soup       Taleggio: cow’s milk cheese                                   Timo: thyme

Tommo: tuna                                  Tortoni: liquor ice cream                                       Totano: squid

Trota: trout                                     Vitello: veal                                                                  Vongole: clams

Zabaglione: warm custard dessert                                                                  Zafferano: saffron

Zucchero: sugar                          Zucchine: squash

What to order on a first date is the perennial question because the answer will never be black and white. There’s a gray area that involves questions you need to ask yourself. The more you can anticipate beforehand means a better (more relaxed) you and most likely will result in a second date.

The Bomb: Sushi First, only suggest sushi if you’ve got skills with the chopsticks (though in Japan they pick up maki with their fingers, we think it’s best to stick with the sticks). And while it’s customary to eat sushi in one bite (so as not to offend the chef), you don’t want to offend your date, either. That’s why you order small things like sashimi or make sure you avoid places that serve a pound of tuna on top to rice and call it nigiri. When ordering, unless you’ve got a firm grasp of the language, stick with the English translation; and when in doubt, keep the sake flowing—can you say Sake Bomb?

Italian: Trattorias Italian food is the safest call, cuisine-wise. That being said, if you do go that route, stay away from long noodles—or anything that’s messy and risks slurping is a no-go. So even if spaghetti and meatballs or linguine and clams are your favorite, and you’ve got the noodle-in-the-spoon technique down, stick with short, bite-sized pasta—think penne, rigatoni or ravioli. What’s uncomfortable now, might be seen as some sort of boyish charm later, but now’s not the time to define that. You’re not at Nonna’s anymore.

Good Things Come in Small Packages: Tapas Food is generally served in odd numbers, so the question becomes: what to do with that third bite? The benefit of small plates is that it’ll bring you together by making you share and collaborate. And while her willingness to give you the last skewer might not necessarily be an exact precursor to what she’s like in a relationship, it’s all you’ve got for now. As for you: Offer her that last skewer, insist on it even, and show her what a truly caring guy you are. You can always go crush a burrito after you drop her off.

To the Stars: Fine Dining Usually you save the five-star spot for when things are more serious, or you know she’s tough to please (but remember this sets the bar high). Make sure this is a restaurant you’ve already been to. The question becomes: do you order the tasting menu or do you suggest options and try to show your understanding of how to pair food and wine. Generally, you’re focused on her, so lean heavily on the server. If she’s a free spirit, then go with the tasting menu, if not you’ll need to do some research beforehand—call in advance, and be willing to drop as much as rent on the dinner and, maybe, the meal comes with a happy ending.

Just a Bite: Casual Eats Don’t take her to a run-of-the-mill joint, find something in your neighborhood or hers, and it should be the go-to spot for pizza, the must-visit for a burger and the best-of-the-best for a burrito. Pick a place that serves quality drinks to take the edge off—maybe it’s tequila shots then a burrito. The food isn’t the main concern here. It’s the atmosphere. Show her you that whether you’re at a taquería or a Michelin-starred restaurant, your game is tight.

Our Final Opinion Order something that is easy, on the pocket, to eat, which enables a smooth conversation and which you have already tried. Happy Dating & a happy weekend – Team Meanublob

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