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Lyrics in English:

For a good start
of my little day
and in order to wake up
i have a coffee.

An arabica,
black and very strong,
i pull on my parka
and that’s it, i’m good to go.

Where are you going?
says my beloved one,
let’s have a kawa,
i just woke up.

Being ahead
and a bit pressed,
i change direction
and take another coffee.

At 15 to 8
we have to admit
the offices are empty
one can get bored.

But i stay calm,
I know to adapt,
before they all arrive
i have time for a coffee.

The day carries on
everybody can work away
till the time
of the coffee break.

My secretary comes in,
“strong, as u like it”!
Damn, i just took one,
but since this one is done…

A business lunch
near the path
it’s a great weather,
but i feel stressed

My colleagues mock me,
Relax, Rene,
take a good cigar
and a little coffee!

Once done,
my knocked-out colleagues
call a cab,
but i feel like jumping

I go through all Paris
and I see a bar
I order a decaf,
but caffeined again.

I arrive at the office,
my secretary says,
U were a bit late
so i got worried.

Oh, I throw her out the window,
she really looked for it!
Anyway, I have to go back home
but before that – coffee!

Waiting for the subway
I get attacked:
an old lady asks me,
what time is it, please?

Hey! I broke her head
and throw her onto the quay
I withdraw to my home
and serve myself a… guess what!

Daddy, oh my daddy,
I’m first in my class,
What the fuck!
Stop pissing me off!
He’s very idiot, this kid,
and he’s blubbering!
I lock myself in the kitchen,
there’s a bit of coffee left!

It’s been some days since i’ve locked myself in,
I’m alone in my kitchen and i drink coffee!
I should rather sleep,
The cops will get me,
So i nail the doors locked
and drink more coffee.

I guess this caffeine curve also goes well with the whole idea!


Enjoy your coffe day!

Thank you fellow blobbers for showing so much love and coming back to us everyday.


Already crossed more than 6000 hits with you, raring for more.




Some say that oysters are an aphrodisiac because they come from the sea, just like the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. Some say that they gained their reputation because they have zinc, and this may have helped those with nutritionally deficient diets improve health, and thus, sex drive. I say they are used to woo because they look just like vaginas, though certainly not mine. Whatever the reason, oysters are associated with romance, special occasions, and are a fun delicacy. The placebo effect just might work.

Like oysters, we often think of chocolate as an indulgence, and eat it on special occasions. Though chocolate does have some feel good chemicals—theobromine and phenethylamine—they occur in such low quantities that it’s not going to make your date drop their pants. Yet, still … there is something about chocolate melting in your mouth that is undeniably sensual.


The fruit’s powerful effect has been noted since ancient Roman times. Filled up with anti oxidants, it is definitely up on the list.

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