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These are the  foods that make me want to puke my guts out. I’d rather take a bullet to the dome than have to consume any of these gastronomical nightmares. Have you seen worse?

Sandworm Jelly

Step 1: Cut up sandworms. Step 2: Cook them into jello molds. Step 3: Puke, because GROSS.


Yum! Duck embryo, boiled and eaten in the shell!! Wait, did I say “yum”? I mean the exact opposite of that.

Deer Placenta


Tuna Eyeball

It’s watching you!! It’s watching you feel ill!!

Maggot Cheese

Casu marzu is a Sardinian cheese that’s left to ferment and grow maggots — basically, a rotting, larvae-filled Pecorino.

Fermented Shark

Hakarl is gutted basking shark that’s fermented and left to dry for 4-5 months. It’s gross because it smells like ammonia and makes you gag, and because it sounds kind of like “hot Carl.”

Mac N Cheese Pasta Bread Bowl

  • Fesikh
  • Fesikh is an Egyptian dish: Grey mullet are caught, left out to putrefy, then salted and left to pickle for several months. The fish is a delicacy served during the annual celebration of Sham Al-Nessim, and causes a few people to die every year of botulism poisoning.

Menublob capture

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