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Simply speechless!



I always beleived that English is a rude language! Hmm…watever!


As it happens very often, when it’s original, it’s very simple.
You just need eggs (2 for example) and other elements you like to put in your omelette (to each his own recipe) + a zipper storage bag.
Now, the method: put some water to boil in a pot while you crack the eggs in the bag and mix with the other elements. Shake it, get the air out of the bag and zip it up.
Put the bag in the pot, make it boil the time needed (around 13 minutes) and when it’s ready, just enjoy your new shaped omelette. The bigger the pot is, the more omelette bags you can prepare at the same time.




Well it saves the day for the poor guy doent it?



Brazil is the worlds leading producer of Coffee in the world (apart from churning out some of the most beautiful girls in the World.. ;)). India Ranks 7th amongst the top 10 producers.

Top ten green coffee producers — Tonnes (2008) and Bags thousands (2007)
Country Tonnes (1) Bags (2) Footnote
Brazil 17,000,000 36,070
Vietnam 15,580,000 18,000 *
Colombia 9,400,000 12,400 F
Indonesia 2,770,554 6,446 *
Ethiopia 1,705,446 5,733 *
Mexico 962,000 4,500 F
India 954,000 4,367 F
Peru 677,000 4,250 est. 2008
Guatemala 568,000 4,000 F
Honduras 370,000 3,833 F
World 7,742,675 118,920 A
No symbol = official figure, P = official figure, F = FAO estimate, * = Unofficial/semiofficial/mirror data, C = calculated figure, A = aggregate (may include official, semiofficial, or estimates)
Source (1): Food and Agricultural Organization of United Nations: Economic and Social Department: The Statistical Devision Source (2):International Coffee Organization

A Normal Day at Office !!


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